Anne Lesage, PhD
office +32 (0)473 900 248

GrayMatters Consulting offers a full spectrum of specialized consulting services supported by a thorough expertise in neuroscience drug discovery and early clinical development. Our services are customized to the problems, questions and needs of the client. Some examples are listed below:

Strategic decision making

  • Milestone planning
  • Target review – target validation
  • Project review
  • Drug candidate profile evaluation
  • Due diligence support (scientific evaluation of a partnering opportunity)
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External innovation support

  • Scouting and assessment of programs or technologies
  • Scientific assessment of partnering opportunities (scientific due diligence)
  • Leading external drug discovery projects
  • Recommendation of CRO’s and co-ordination of associated activities
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Operational help

  • Primary screening campaign
  • Functional screening tests
  • In vitro compound profiling
  • Translational models
  • Biomarker tests
  • Behavioral tests and models
  • Evaluation of existing flowcharts
  • Setting of selection criteria
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Interim project team and data management

  • Step-by-step guidance of assay development
  • Assistance with all stages of drug discovery
  • Coaching of project teams
  • Coaching of young scientists
  • Leading external drug discovery projects
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Report writing

  • Manuscript writing
  • Preparation of study reports, presentations, compound monographs or investigators brochures
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