Anne Lesage, PhD
office +32 (0)473 900 248

GrayMatters Consulting is dedicated to provide high quality scientific knowledge and advice related to neuroscience drug discovery and early clinical development projects. We support our clients with rigorous neuroscience insights, thorough drug discovery expertise, expert scientific analysis and evaluation, or a second opinion on a compound or project that is ready for phase transition, partnering, spinout, or funding. We focus on delivering customized advice that will help you make your critical decisions and drive your business.

Our values

  • Quality in what we deliver
  • Customer value creation
  • Independence in our assessments
  • Professionalism and enthusiasm in our communication

What you can expect from us

  • Expertise in the field
  • An understanding of your challenges
  • A focused and customized answer to your questions
  • Access to neuroscience insights
  • Access to drug discovery expertise
  • A second opinion on a project or drug candidate
  • Timely support when you need it